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We have a number of 80px x 400px advertising slots available to sponsors

If you would like to advertise in this website, please get in touch via email to web-admin@copyrightaid.co.uk, including the following information:

We will reply with our rates as quick as we can.

Unlike Google Ads (and similar), sponsored ad slots are added directly to the page, and so will not normally be blocked by Ad-Blockers.

How to advertise / Conditions

  1. Supplying the advertisement:

    You must provide the image for the advert and destination URL ahead of purchase for inspection before publication.

    • The image should be sized at 80px high by 400px wide, in JPG, PNG or SVG format.
    • The destination URL for the website/page that you wish the advertisment to point to can include query parameters.
    • The image and destination URL must not incite violence, discrimination or illegal activities, or host illicit or illegal materials. We reserve the right to refuse any advertisement for any reason at our discretion.
  2. Specify the Duration (in months or years) that you wish the advert to run for.
    1. Duration definitions:
      • Year: equals one full calendar year, e.g. an advert activated on 1st January will continue to run until the 1st January of the following year.
      • Month: is calculated to be 30.5 days. The Site Owner may ‘round up’ at their discretion, but the duration will not be less than 30.5 days.
      • Pricing of 1 calendar year shall be equivalent to 10 months (305 days), meaning the calendar year is a more economical option.
    2. Minimum Duration of any advert is 3 months.
    3. Maximum Duration of any advert is 5 years.
  3. Provide a date that you wish the advertisement to commence.

    It is possible to schedule a later start date, but the start date should be within 1 year of today’s date.

  4. We will write back confirming the details and specify the fee.

    If you agree to go ahead, we will provide an invoice and payment details.

  5. Payment:
    • Payment must be made and funds cleared in advance of the advertisement appearing on the site.
    • Payments should be made by bank transfer - details can be found on the invoice.
  6. Refund and cancellation policy.

    Advertising can be cancelled at any time subject to the following conditions.

    1. The Client can receive a full refund if the Advertising Period has not yet started.
    2. Where the Advertising Period has started, a partial fee will be deducted from the refund amount. This partial fee is calculated as the fee for any complete and part completed months. of advertising.


      • if the Advertisement has been running for 1 month or less the fee will be 1 month,
      • if the Advertisement has been running between 1 months 1 day and 2 months the fee will be 2 months,
      • if the Advertisement has been running between 9 months 1 day and 10 months the fee will be one year (as per duration definitions above).
    3. No refund will be due under any of the following circumstances:
      • if the Advertising Period has already ended,
      • if the Advertising Period is in its final month, or
      • if the partial fee described in the point above is greater than or equal to the total fee paid.
    4. Making changes to your advertisement

      You may submit a change of image and/or destination URL for the advertisement whilst the advertisement is running.

      Changing either the image, or the URL, or both the image and URL at the same time, will constitute one change.

      No more than 1 change shall be permitted per month.

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