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Who needs to get permission?

Posted: Thu Nov 03, 2011 8:08 pm
by Cyborg Jim
I am a uni student and currently filming live bands once a month.
The footsge once edited is given to the bands for "whatever they want" and I keep a copy for my portfolio.
If a band performs a cover and I film it with that bands permission, who needs to seek the copyright holders permission for that footage to be broadcast, whether on the web or elsewhere?

Posted: Thu Nov 03, 2011 10:52 pm
by AndyJ
Hi Jim,
You as the producer of the video are responsible for getting the licence or other permisssion to use a copyright song within your recording. The main collecting society for this purpose is PRS for Music. Although you have obtained the band's permission to record them, they also need to give their permission for you to exploit your recording, irrespective of whether copies are to be sold, hired or provided to the pubic for free (eg streamed on the internet) This should be done in writing to avoid any future complications.
You can find out a bit more about this complicated area here: Bemuso
and here: [url=h ... sic-rights]BBC[/url]

Posted: Fri Nov 04, 2011 8:37 pm
by Cyborg Jim
Thank you very much.
That has cleared a lot up for me.