Copyright on rewriting maths paper

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Copyright on rewriting maths paper

Post by davidweeks »


I'm wondering whether I am breaking copyright laws in regards to adapation.

I create gcse maths papers by changing every question, from papers I buy from maths examination boards. I then sell them.

Each answer and working is different to the original and takes a lot of effort.

The style of the new question is similar to the original ones, but the wording is different and of course the numbers are totally different. The order of the types of questions stays the same.

In effect the new maths paper is totally different using the measure that all the answers are different.

But am I breaking copyright law - not by copying but by adapation?

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Post by Warlock »

Tough call....

Technically, yes. By you own admission you are adapting their work.

Having said that, if you are changing the entire content of the work, I can't see how there could really be any objection (but this is NOT legal advice ;) ).
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