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Papercut line drawings

Posted: Sat Jan 13, 2018 2:57 pm
by Bob123
I’m just starting out and wanted to check that I have my info correct.
If I wanted to cut a car line drawing design of a known type/brand of car but didn’t add the logo would I still be infringing copyright?

Re: Papercut line drawings

Posted: Sat Jan 13, 2018 8:17 pm
by AndyJ
Hi Bob 123,

You won't be infringing any copyright in the design of the car, but you may possibly infringe the copyright in a photograph or other image that you use as your template. I don't know exactly what technique you use, and so I can't really provide more detailed advice on how to avoid infringement. If you can draw, or construct your template on a computer, just using a number of different photographs as source documents, this should avoid the direct copying issue.

You don't need to leave out the logo as including it would not infringe any trade mark. In effect your paper cut would be the same as taking a photograph of the car, where it would be impractical to remove the logo from the image, and any case your use of a trade mark in this way would not be in the course of trade, so non-infringing. The exception for incidental inclusion (section 31) should cover you with respect to any potential copyright infringement of the logo.