rights of the Author - not copyright owner

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rights of the Author - not copyright owner

Post by cole »

Crown copyright act clearly states that as I am employed as a photographer any images I create in connection with my work are the copyright of my employer.

However, i am sure that I have read somewhere that as the author, I still retain the right to display my work in a non profit way, i.e. portfolios, etc

could someone please clarify if this is correct, if so a direction to the relevant chapter and verse in the CCA would be great.

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Post by Warlock »

Rights of the author are generally called 'moral rights' - see Chapter IV of the Copyright Designs and Patents Act.
http://www.opsi.gov.uk/acts/acts1988/uk ... _4#pt1-ch4

I don't recall any mention of portfolio use though. It's probably best to check with your employer anyway, even if it is just as a courtesy.
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