Online guitar instruction videos

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Online guitar instruction videos

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Hello All,

I currently upload short videos to YouTube demonstrating how to play short recognisable guitar riffs.

In my attempt to make this legal and "fair use" I always do the following.
  • There is never any backing track of the original recording, it is just me showing how to play the short snippet from the track - e.g., the intro to Purple Haze by Jimi Hendrix.

    The lesson only covers < 5% of the original composition.

    It is clearly not a performance, just for teaching.
My questions are:

As it stands, is this breaking any copyright laws?

As a YouTube partner I can nominate videos to receive a revenue share of their advertising if someone clicks an advert while watching my video. Any reason I can't receive such a share?

Could I charge for this type of service anyway given the restrictions I follow, i.e., no backing track of original recordings, < 5%, for education?

If I currently do fall foul, what can I do legally for free? And what can I legally do for a fee? What additional restrictions would I need to employ?

Lots of questions I know, sorry, but I can't find anyone who can clarify this situation.

Many thanks,
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