Character from a book

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Character from a book

Post by kayim »


I'm writing a childrens book that involves using characters from several fairy tales. As other authors have used similar before, I am assuming that there is no copyright issue here (unless I start using Disney interpretations, which I wont be!).

However, I also wanted to use a character from one of the Beatrix Potter series of books and wondered if this is allowed.

Sorry if this question is too specific, but I am failing at finding the answers I need anywhere else and I was hoping someone here would be my saviour!

Thank you.
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Post by CopyrightAid »

I would not expect there to be a problem with characters from 'traditional' fairy stories (i.e. those that would be out of copyright).

The Beatrix Potter one may be a different matter, and personally I would check with the Beatrix Potter estate (this would probably need to be done via the publishers) first to ensure that they had no objection.
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