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Can software manufacturer know whether I use pirate software

Posted: Fri Apr 07, 2017 3:59 am
by Halie0201

I have a question regarding using pirate software. If first a person used a pirate software for test, and then he bought an official version after that, is there still a copyright infringement for him to use the pirate software?

By the way, how can software manufacturer know that someone is using their software? Can they detect it through the final project? Like I use the pirate adobe PR to edit a video, can adobe find that I used a pirate one by detecting or doing something with the final video I made?

Posted: Fri Apr 07, 2017 5:11 pm
by AndyJ
Hi halie,

I think you would be better to ask about this on a software forum as you are likely to get a better informed response.

I know that some products, especially ones produced by Microsoft, are known to 'phone home' to report their details and to verify their authenticity, but I don't know if this would necessarily happen with pirated software, which might have this feature turned off. Also some software scans a host computer when installing itself in order to avoid clashes with other software, such as earlier versions, which might use the same resources. I have little doubt that the results of these scans could be transmitted back to the manufacturers.