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Help with web checking service

Posted: Fri Apr 28, 2017 12:35 pm
by copyrightcorrect
I wanted to advise all users on a service called copyright correct.

Look them up on line

Nice people who check business web sites before they are targeted by license holders and photo libraries.

An initial free consultation and then charge depending on number of images to check. A report is supplied with the images and where they originate from plus suitable action to take.

The number o cases is increasing and it was set up to help as we have over thirty years of experience in the stock industry.

Hope this helps !

Posted: Fri Apr 28, 2017 2:34 pm
by AndyJ
Hi copyright correct,

Welcome to the forums. Obviously it is for other readers to judge for themselves the value of using your service, with fees starting at £200, and in particular they need to note your stated terms which include
"Copyright Correct is an advisory service and will not be held responsible for any claims made on the client by the license holder / copyright owner of an image used on any site checked by Copyright Correct. Images once removed may still be found by the license holder using a historical image search tool".
As you readily acknowledge, liability for any infringement invariably falls on the end-user, and therefore I suggest that 'outsourcing' the necessary due diligence in verifying the provenance of images (and any other third party copyright work for that matter) may create a false sense of security if a client relies solely on a service such as yours. In particular I think the statement on your site to the effect that "Result – A worry free website still looking fantastic, but free from unlicensed images" is likely to engender entirely the wrong state of mind.

My cynicism in such matters is heightened by a number of inaccurate statements which appear on your website. While it is not my intention to disparage your business, I would advise anyone not familiar with copyright and the process licensing of images to look carefully at exactly what added value is on offer.

Posted: Fri Apr 28, 2017 3:13 pm
by copyrightcorrect
Thank you for your comments and concerns.

We really are here to help and often check sites for less than the fee advertised. With the software used by image libraries you cannot legislate for historical searches of content.

However, we find once an image is removed and the site checked the license holder looks more kindly than if the image still is 'live' The service does work and has helped many small business owners have a site free from licensed images. We also offer an ongoing free service of allowing site holders to send us images before placing them on the site. We check first and advise if they are okay to use.

We are not here to make vast profits and often provide free advice and help. However, it is up to individuals to make the decision. We really are trying to help a problem that seems to be ever growing.

With so many infringements license holders often do not contact the site owners if the image is no longer live. We only state the claim we cannot be help responsible for historical claims as we have to make users aware this can happen, but actually has not to date.