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Pixsy Claim Letters

Posted: Wed Dec 19, 2018 12:28 am
by AndyJ
As we have now had a couple of threads relating to letters of claim issued by Pixsy on behalf of their clients, we can expect some new readers who face similar claims to come here via Google. We can also expect Pixsy to monitor the site. Just as we warned in the case of StockFood some time ago, it is unwise to include too much detail in the open forums about the details and tactics of your particular case since that may hand the advantage to Pixsy. In particular, posters should not say or imply that they admit liability, since such statements may come back to bite them. In some instances, there may be a perfectly legal exception to copyright which means no infringement has actually taken place, even if you (and Pixsy) think you are probably in the wrong.

We regret that it is not the policy of the forum to provide individuals with advice via private messages as this would defeat the overall purpose of the forums. There are occasions when it might be appropriate to say "I have received a demand letter from Pixsy .... " on the open forum, and then use a pm to provide any specific details about the photograph which the claim is about, and which would identify you to Pixsy. We can then tailor any reply on the open forum to your particular circumstances without, we trust, undermining your negotiating position vis a vis Pixsy.