Costumed Copywrite

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Costumed Copywrite

Post by liamCCE »

Hey all,

I am wanting to start up a business in which I dress up in superhero costumes, to hire children, of which involves superheroes for now but I'm planning on expanding to other costumed characters such as star wars, Disney princesses etc. What are the copywrite laws for these and I cannot use official names is there a way in which I can get the licences for these, if so where I can go about getting these. and if not is it worth just labeling my costumes something else for example (Spiderman as Spider hero) and (Deadpool as (katana assassin) etc I am based in the UK.

Many Thanks
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Re: Costumed Copywrite

Post by AndyJ »

Hi Liam,

Since it's quite late as I am writing this response I hope you won't mind if I refer you to some earlier threads on this subject. I appreciate they won't fully answer all your questions, but should give you the general idea on the subject.
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