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Keyboard Demo Music

Post by poppet »

I've been trying to figure this out and there seems to be no mention of this anywhere on the internet....

I have created a song with my keyboard - it uses a synthesized intro and end melody that are both built into the keyboard already and accessed using an automatic chord accompaniment function. They are only a few seconds long and then during the bulk of the song there is a pattern of notes that occur that I can manipulate by selecting what chord I want them to play in, then I can also trigger a few filler sounds that also seem pre-recorded (hope that makes sense!).

I have added my own vocals and more melodies over the top that I have composed myself.

Am I allowed to use this in a film, or release it into the public domain?
Does someone own these mini demos? Do I need to seek permission?

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Post by CopyrightAid »

Personally I think it unlikely to be a problem, but ultimately it depends on how the keyboard makers intend this to be used.
As they are including the chord accompaniment as a function of their product, I would assume that they expect and permit people to use it freely. If in doubt, you should contact them directly - that way there can be no comeback or misunderstanding later.

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