copyright in regards to private murals

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copyright in regards to private murals

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Hi everyone,

I'm looking into starting a mural/wall art business and wanted to find out how copyright applies to this sort of work. For example if I had a client that wanted a famous painting recreated in part or in full as a mural on a wall inside their house would that be considered copyright infringement? I wouldn't be claiming the work was mine or recreating it in a traditional sense but I would be making money from it.

Thanks in advance!
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Re: copyright in regards to private murals

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Hi pjtporter,

If the original work you (or your client) want to copy is still in copyright, then doing this without permission would be infringement. As a rule of thumb, if the original artist is still alive or died less than 70 years ago, his/her work will still be protected by copyright. You, as the person who made the copy, would be liable for the infringement rather than the client.
However, assuming that a work was in copyright and you incorporated within a mural inside a private residence, I think the chances that the artist would find out about it are fairly remote, unless the client was indiscreet and their home appeared in Hello! magazine.
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