Third Party image use

If you are worried about infringement or your work has been copied and you want to take action.
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Third Party image use

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The third party....

Copyright Correct is increasingly helping with lets say under the radar kind of copyright infringement. Albeit those who have faced it did not realise they had an issue.

Usually on a news page or blog page within the companies web site a post may be shared from another site with accompanying image(s).

A recent example would be a lift company placing an NHS England post on healthy eating within their own news page, plus of course the accompanying image.

Not a problem with that is there ?

The issue arose as the NHS had purchased the images for their own use.

No third party re-use was allowed.
Maybe an individual or company is writing an article for your web site to appear on your news page or within a blog. If they send images with it; are you 100% sure the have been licensed. If they have not it will be the end user (you) who pays the fine.

So please use this as a heads up. Do not assume you can share, re-use, recycle other companies posts on your own site. If you are supplied an article, source the images yourself. You control all editorial content that way.

The lift company received a license infringement letter from the image owner for over four thousand pounds - Gulp !
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