Posting and usage rules - Read this before you post

Read this before your post.

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Posting and usage rules - Read this before you post

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Terms of use:

1. General:
- Posts should be made in the relevant forum only.
- If you register but do not use your account (make any legitimate posts) within 30 days the account will be terminated.
- Please read the forum description and any submission rules or guidance before posting.
- Abusive/spam/inappropriate posts will not be tolerated. All posts should be respectful to other users.
- We reserve the right to edit or remove any post or remove any member at any time.

2. Content:
- Please post in a way that is consistent with "normal writing". Excessive capitalization, punctuation or images/icons should be avoided
- Titles of posts should be descriptive; i.e. 'My website has been copied - what can I do?' is far better than 'Help!' and is far more likely to get a meaningful response.
- In posting on the forum, you will have accepted the terms that this type of publication implies with regard to the content you submit, namely:
(1) you consent to publication of the content within the forum in perpetuity,
(2) that the site owner and/or forum moderators and/or administrators have the right to edit or delete your post as they see fit.

Rights of others:
- Members are required to respect the copyright of other users, sites, etc. They must not post copied content without permission from the copyright owners, nor ask for or provide links to warez, torrents, etc.
- Post that incite racial hatred, violence, etc. or condone or support such behavior are prohibited.
- Do not use inline ([IMG]) image tags to point to data on third party systems unless you have permission to do so.

Spam / inappropriate posting:
- Postings that simply promote a product or service is prohibited and constitutes spam.
- Postings that are not relevant to this site are prohibited and constitute spam.
- Postings not relevant to the topic/category they are posted in are considered to be spam.
- Posting the same content multiple times is considered to be spam. Post it once in the right place.
- Posts without meaningful content (i.e. "Just saying hi.") will be regarded as spam.
- Post with offensive, pornographic or illegal content, or that include links to such content are not permitted.

Members found making inappropriate/spam postings may have the post blocked/deleted and their account locked. The IP address and content of the post and the user profile may also be recorded for further investigation.
Members are reminded that this forum has a 'zero-tolerance' approach to abusers of our facilities and spam/illegal posts may be reposted to the members ISPs and relevant legal authorities where appropriate.

3. Signatures and avatars
- Signatures may contain up 255 characters of text or code, this may include up to two links and a single image up to 6kb and no larger than 50px high, 300px wide. Animated images are not allowed.
- You may use an avatar from the gallery or to link to one of your own. If using your own, your use should not breach the copyright or any other rights of any other party. Avatars should not be animated and should not be pornographic or offensive in nature.
- All rules in other sections of this page, (i.e. regarding decency, legal issues, copyright, links to inappropriate sites etc.), also apply to text and images used in signatures and avatars.

4. Private messaging and email
- The forum rules on this page also apply to emails and private messaging facility.

5. Reporting issues
- If you notice an issue which contravenes the rules, please bring it to the attention of the relevant moderator or administrator.
- Do not post replies to offending topics, simply report the issue and we will take the appropriate action.

6. Warranties and liabilities
In using this forum you undertake to indemnify the site owners against any claims, legal settlement or financial or other damages resulting from your actions.

7. Legal disclaimer
Please understand forum posts are just peoples views and opinions and that no guarantee or liability is attached - the information on these pages is not a substitute for formal legal advice and does not constitute legal advice, no liability is given or implied about how any information obtained here is used.
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