Copyright Infringement Solicitor Required

If you are worried about infringement or your work has been copied and you want to take action.
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Copyright Infringement Solicitor Required

Post by swindon69 »

I need immediate representation in a case of copyright infringement against a terrestrial television company. I sent them a script for a drama serial in February 2010. Unfortunately, it was rejected, but two years later, a drama serial with a similar title and synopsis/outline is being aired (it is halfway through the serial at the time of writing). I have been advised by a firm of solicitors that there may well be a case for seeking an injunction against the television company in the High Court. Obviously, the time to act is now, but I cannot afford to pay for litigation, hence my plea for help on a no win no fee basis. The case would bring plenty of publicity for any firm wishing to take it on.
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Post by AndyJ »

Hi Swindon,
I don't know if your plea has got any results, but I suspect there aren't too many solicitors who specialise in IP cases who would also consider a CFA, and even fewer who read this forum!
But you are assuming that this will lead to litigation, without considering the much cheaper alternative dispute resolution route, for example mediation or arbitration. Obviously this only works if the other party also consents, and therefore admits in part that you may have a valid claim, which of course they may not.
If it does come to litigation, you may be better trying to get pro bono representation. Take a look here:
Bar Pro Bono Unit
National Pro Bono Centre
Pro Bono UK
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