Changing the authors name from a psudonym to my real name.

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Changing the authors name from a psudonym to my real name.

Post by janet81 »

Hi! I wrote a children's book a few years ago, but instead of using my own name on the book I used a 'pen name'. However, I did get an ISBN for the book. I would like to reprint this book and publish it via an on-line publisher and I was hoping to be able to make the following changes:
1) Use my own name as the author in place of the 'pen name',
2) Change the image on the front of the book, as well as including colourful images within the book.
3) Possibly remove some of the original material and add a few new chapters.
4) Change the price.

Could I re-publish my book with the above wishes, without infringing my copyright and would I be able to use the original title, with the words 'second edition' printed underneath?


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Post by CopyrightAid »

'without infringing my copyright' - are you going to sue yourself then? :)

No offense meant - just made me smile.... As you are the copyright owner you cannot infringe yourself (you are the person who holds the rights).

If you wrote and are therefore the copyright owner there really is no problem from a copyright perspective. From a copyright perspective you have the absolute right to do whatever you choose with your own work. The only issue would be if the contract with your existing publisher prevented this for some reason - best to check with your existing publisher first - but otherwise no problem.

I suspect that you may need a new ISBN for the new version (not sure - you'd best check with the ISBN agency on that one), but that's about it..

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