Starting a t-shirt company, need help!

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Starting a t-shirt company, need help!

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Me and two friends are starting our own t-shirt design company. A lot of our ideas and designs are related things that already exist, for example we have made a design with Jimmy Hendrix, a design with Darth Vader etc etc.

What I need to know, and quite frankly im struggling to find good info, is how do the rights work? If I want to have a picture of Hendrix on a tee do I need someones permission even if im not using an actual photo of him? If I use an actual picture of him do I just need the permission from the owner of the picture?

And with things like movie's, musicians, tv shows and characters do we need permission from them? Ive put a few pics below to show the sort of thing im talking about.

EDIT - Turns out I cant post urls at this moment but if you have the time, search "chunk t-shirts" and "scam t-shirts" on google and you'll see the kind of thing im talking about.

Now clearly they've used images of people and characters that already exist so would they have gotten permission or paid to use them? If so how do I go about doing it and how much is it likely to cost?

Any help is very much appreciated,


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Post by dan76 »

You need to ask permission

they will either

2.ask for commission on every shirt sold :twisted:

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