website articles in other publications

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website articles in other publications

Post by enfrcer92 »

i'm a writer for a website. the website has had an offer to also publish articles in a magazine that's pretty much based solely on the website. Most of the articles will be ones that i've written. My question is, since I wrote them for the website can they publish them in a magazine without giving me additional compensation. Also, do they have to get my permission to publish them outside the website? thanks.

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Post by CopyrightAid »

It depends on the terms of the website you submitted articles to.

If they want to use your work like this, then when you submitted your articles to the site you should have agreed to terms that gave them this right.

I am tempted to say that if there is no such agreement, then they should obtain permission for any use that was not clear when you submitted the articles. This is of course what should happen. I am however concerned that without an agreement in place, there is at least the potential to claim that your submission of the articles suggest implied consent - so it may get messy :(

First place to start is to check the websites terms and conditions that you may have agreed to when you posted your articles.

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