Copyright and TV programmes ????

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Copyright and TV programmes ????

Post by ksimmonds »

Hi. I would like to produce and sell a book of photographs I have taken during the filming of a TV drama series. I am lead to believe that I own the copyright on the photos I have taken (all complimentary, and all high quality) but how do I stand if I want to mention the programme's name, the fictional place name, or the character's names ? I am going to talk to the TV company next week, but I'm curious to know a little about the subject.

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Post by CopyrightAid »

Unless you were acting as an employee when the photos were taken, you are correct that you are the copyright owner.

I cannot see how mentioning the names of thing could be an infringement of copyright in any way. There may be other issues here (I'm sure the company will let you know ;) ), but copyright should not be one of them.

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