Video Editing for a small business

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Video Editing for a small business

Post by MisguidedTree »

I'm an IT apprentice and I'd like to do a video montage for the business that I'm employed with during my apprenticeship. The montage would include clips, music and similar things to introduce the business on youtube and I'm hoping to use it for both attract customers to the business and to complete a module on my apprenticeship. I've studied Copyright Law briefly so I'm a little bit clued in and fairly sure I know the answer already but I thought I might as well ask people who know better. I believe that it would break copyright law to use music/video clips for business use but I am allowed to use them for completing my apprenticeship since it would be for educational use. Am I right in thinking this? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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Post by AndyJ »

Hi Misguided,
You are right that there are some limited exemptions for the educational use of copyright works, as set out in sections 32 - 36 of the Copyright Designs and Patents Act 1988. But these are strictly limited to activities in educational institutions such as schools, colleges and universities which are recognised by the Department for Education. On this basis I don't think apprenticeships count, unless they fall into into the category of work experience which forms an integral part of a formal course at one of these establishments.
But even more significantly, such academic use of copyright works would immediately lose all exemption if it was shown to an audience outside the immediate academic milieu. This includes events at which even the parents of students are present, such as end-of-year exhibitions, performances or open days. So using your video montage to promote the business you are working with would put you completely outside the educational exemption sections.
All is not lost however. You could try contacting the rights owners of any work you wished to use for permission to include a short clip of their music or video. Once you have explained your purpose, some might well be sympathetic to your project. Alternatively, try seeking out music and video etc which has been released for use under a Creative Commons licence as these will generally permit such use as long as it is for non-commercial purposes.
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