Using the ilustration of Popeye on my Product

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Using the ilustration of Popeye on my Product

Post by Bartje1985 »

I am a student of Media and Entertainment Management.

I am designing logo at my free time for some companies.

My question is: Can I use the illustration of Popeye squeezed a bottle on his left arm for the product of my client. Actually I put the link of picture here but it is not accepted :((

Thanks in advance for helping

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Post by CopyrightAid »

You would require the permission of the copyright owner of the picture (at least before the ad was published).

The best idea is to start with the current publishers of the image in question (i.e. the film/production company or publishers) and check with them. They are likely to be authorized to act on the owners behalf (or at least know who to contact). You can at least then determine if permission is likely to be granted and the scale of royalties/fees you should expect to pay.

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