logo intellectual rights

Tracing copyright owners and asking permission.
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logo intellectual rights

Post by pagreenw »

Hi, I found a great logo on Google images.
I want to find who owns it and make an enquiry. The logo has now disappeared from the images but I have it saved.
How can I trace the owner?
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Post by AndyJ »

Hi Paul,

It can be tricky tracking down the owners of artwork. If you don't have the link to original image which you found via Google, you can copy your saved image to a hosting site like Photobucket or Imagevenue etc, then using the GoogleImage search function (click on the little camera icon on the Image page), paste the URL of your hosted image in the appropriate space and see if Image Search can find other instances of the same image. If it can, this may lead you to a website of the original, and hence to the likely owner. There are other image search engines, such as TinEye, which may work if Google Image fails.

Alternatively, the logo may be registered as a trade mark, in which case you may be able to find it on one of the many online databases. If you can guess the likely nationality of the logo (because of any wording on it) try the UK or US registrars of trade marks. If it is possibly from a European country other than UK, try the OHIM website. If there is text associated with the logo, try searching on that first, otherwise you will have to search by category, which is much more difficult, especially if the logo is somewhat abstract.
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