does a list have copyright? please help!

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does a list have copyright? please help!

Post by ardorban »

hello all - please can you help - if I printa leaflet (for sale) containing a list of tennis courts in the UK that i found on a website - is that an infringement of copyright. i.e. does the list have copyright in the first place given it is publicly available information - yellow pages etc. Like would a list of capital cities have copyright?

many thanks for any help
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Post by Warlock »

Yes and no... ;)

A specific collection of data (i.e. database) or representation of that data (i.e. written document) may be subject to copyright - after all a lot of work may have gone into collecting and collating the data.

To prove infringement, the plaintiff needs to demonstrate that on the balance of probability, the work was copied from them and not created independently.

Something a generic as (for example) an alphabetical list of all UK tennis courts does not really sound like a cause for concern if this data is widely available anyway.

why not contact the site owners and ask if you can print this with an acknowledgement of the source - that way if they give consent, they can not complain at a later date, and you gain a contact in the sector that may be of further use in the future (i.e. you may be able to get a link to your service on their site).
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