Greeting Card Designs

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Greeting Card Designs

Post by russ »

In regard to greetings cards, is there a website or similar where you can purchase photos to use on the cover of your greeting cards. Or do you have to hire a designer to do them from scratch. I am specific about photo as I would not be interested in hand-made designs. I like funny photos. I am brand new to this and would like a few pointers please.
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Post by AndyJ »

Hi russ,

I think the best place to start looking for suitable images might be one of the dozens of photo libraries/agencies You can find suitable agencies by using the website of the British Association of Picture Libraries (BAPLA) or do a Google search. Make sure you choose the right licence for your purposes - I'm assuming this is for your personal cards rather than a business selling cards to the public, although licences for either purpose are available - and you are clear about the licence terms, for instance whether you are required to credit the photographer etc.

Just as an example, this image
can be licensed from Adobe for £5.99 for up to 500,000 copies - very useful if you have a lot of friends!

Alternatively if you search for suitable images which have been issued with open public licences such as Creative Commons, you may find something you can use for free. The advantage of some CC licensed images is that you can adapt them without needing to get permission from the author. Only items with the ND Image attribute may not be altered. And so, as before make sure you check the terms of the licence. You may need to set up specific search criteria to exclude graphical images.
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