Compilation Copyright

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Compilation Copyright

Post by keith_12345 »

If I used five Monet paintings from Wikimedia Commons, that are all public domain, could I be infringing compilation copyright?
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Post by AndyJ »

Hi Keith,

No. Compilations are specific to US copyright law and cover works such as encyclopedias, magazines etc where a number of entirely separate works, each of which is entitled to copyright on its own, are gathered into a single book or magazine etc usually for publication purposes. It does not apply to any random collection of items.
UK copyright uses the term compilation largely as an alternative to a table as one of the forms of literary works, but does not actually give compilations of this type any special protection which differs from other copyright works. These days, under UK law, compilations have largely been superseded by database right which is broader and has a slightly different emphasis on what constitutes the creative element.
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