Using Facebook logo in a newsletter

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Mike Hunter
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Using Facebook logo in a newsletter

Post by Mike Hunter »

Hi there,

I've just created a Fan Page within Facebook for my company - I assume you guys are familiar with these - and I'd like to mention in my next monthly e-newsletter to our subscribers that this page is up and running, and provide a link so that they can view it and join if they wish.

Because our logo and the Facebook logo will probably be very familiar to the majority of our newsletter readers, I'd like to create a jpg image of our logo and the Facebook logo next to each other to use as the header image so that people will recognise it within the newsletter before they've read the text. Can I do this, or will the Facebook logo be fiercely protected?

Thanks in advance for your help


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Post by Warlock »

I can't imagine that FaceBook would object, (provided you are not implying any false endorsement or affiliation of course).

If you want to be sure, why not simply email them for consent?

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