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Domain name and logo

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I am creating inspirational plaques with my own original quotes.
What is the best way to copywrite my name, logo and Inspirational quotes for my product?
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Re: Domain name and logo

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Hi Inspiration

You don't actually need to do anything as copyright will automatically apply to anything* you create once you fix it in some medium, either on paper or on a webpage etc. What I suspect you mean is: 'how can I help to protect my copyright?' The best thing is to put a copyright notice on anything which you are exposing to the wider world, so that visitors to your site know copyright exists and who it belongs to. You can do this by adding your name, and either the word 'copyright' or the © symbol, fairly close to whatever it is you want to mark. You could also add the words "All rights reserved" if you want to emphasise the point. However neither of these things is a legal requirement but it does make it harder for someone to later claim that they didn't realise the quote etc was copyright. If it is also important to you to be recognised as the author of the quotes, you need to put a statement in a prominent position on your website stating that "Your Name" asserts his/her right to be credited as the author of these maxims/statements/phrases".
It also helps to have a contact link since this will assist anyone who is interested in getting a licence to use your work to contact you. However as this is going to be a business, I assume that you will have the site set up to handle sales automatically.

If you have a name and logo under which you want to trade, you can register these as trade marks, provided that no one else has got there first with the same name. This will give you a separate form of protection, apart from copyright, for your business. In the title of your thread you mention your domain name. Obviously this is already a unique name, but if you find another person trying to profit from you business by registering a similar URL but for instance with a .com suffix instead of or vice versa, you can use the Domain Name Dispute Resolution Procedure to stop this, provided that your claim is a reasonable one.

Given that it is fairly common practice for people to swap 'inspirational' quotes on social media without giving much thought to whether they are legally permitted to do so, you will need to be proactive in chasing up people who take and use your quotes without paying and/or acknowldging you as the author of the quotations.

*This presupposes that what you have written is sufficiently original to qualify for copyright in the first place. Clearly you can't claim copyright in something which somebody else has already written or which is a commonplace saying.
Advice or comment provided here is not and does not purport to be legal advice as defined by s.12 of Legal Services Act 2007
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