Using Designer napkins for home crafting items

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Using Designer napkins for home crafting items

Post by CraftyB63 »

I have started buying napkins for decoupaging canvas and other items.
I have sold a few on local fb buying and selling sites as a hobby and for a small profit.
Some of the napkins have a designer print on them such as a Wrendale animal print for example.
I am concerned that I have read warnings on a napkin sellers site that the some of there napkins have a copyright.
Am I doing anything wrong by using these napkins in this way and then selling for a minimal profit?
I have seen other people selling decoupaged items using designer printed napkins and had not realized that there were potential infringement of copyright.
I would appreciate some guidance as it appears most of my purchased napkins are designer prints without my knowing this.
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Re: Using Designer napkins for home crafting items

Post by AndyJ »

Hi Crafty,

We've covered this topic a couple of times before, so take a look at these threads and see if they answer you questions:

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