MPLC announces license is required

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MPLC announces license is required

Post by kaizmoto1489 »

We're a small sports center which is part of a comprehensive school. We own no televisions but have two desktop computers on the front desk which are for work purposes only.

On the basis of our ownership of these two computers we are being told by the MPLC we need a license. They've explained we need to buy one so that we're covered just in case a member of staff streams a film or television from one of our computers. I've explained that this would be against our Internet Usage Policy but they've told me we're still liable if one of our staff does this and could be prosecuted as a result.

I wanted to find out if this really is the case?

Thanks in advance!!!
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Re: MPLC announces license is required

Post by AndyJ »

Hi kaizmoto,

I am intringued about why you would post a question like this at 5.51am on a bank holiday, especially as this question is nearly identical to one posted two years ago by someone called Sam91. Assuming this is genuine, please read my reply to the other thread.
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