Setting poetry of AA Milne to music.

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Setting poetry of AA Milne to music.

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Am I permitted to set poetry by AA Milne to music? This would be for public performance. He died in 1956.
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Re: Setting poetry of AA Milne to music.

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Hi sueh,

Milne's works will remain in copyright until 1 January 2027 in the UK. Setting his poems to music would be an adaptation of his works and so that would need permission to perform the musical version publicly. The Disney Corporation own the copyright in most of Milne's works, but I'm not sure if that includes the poetry. It would be best to check with the publishers Egmont. The poems contained in the book When We Were Very Young are now out of copyright in the USA, but those in Now We Are Six still remain in copyright everywhere. You may be aware that some of the poems from Now We Are Six were set to music in the 1930s.
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