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Designed logo

Post by cwizard »

Hi there people,

Wanted a bit of advice, I created a logo for a social car club i belong to. I know the owner well. But he didnt pay me for it, neither has he copyrighted it. Now as creator would i be able to copyright the logo? then if the time arose i could refuse him the right to use it and request all vinyls and logos removed from the site and cars?. :x

If so how would i go about it?

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Post by CopyrightAid »

Normally the individual or collective who authored the work will exclusively own the work. However, if a work is produced as part of employment then it will normally belong to the person/company who hired the individual.

Freelance or commissioned work will usually belong to the author of the work, unless there is an agreement to the contrary, (i.e. in a contract for service).
(source ... yright_law)
What this means is that unless you have an agreement to the contary or created the logo during the course of employment, you ARE the copyright owner, and you already DO have the right to control how your work is used.

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