Image copyright - how can they do that?

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Image copyright - how can they do that?

Post by Sonny »

Hi guys

I am well aware that copyright for images runs for 70 ( or is it 75? ) years after the photographer has died but i am confused by the following - i will use the 'Scran' website as an example.

On Scran there is many images i would love to use as they will be outside the copyright 'age' category mentioned above. However on Scran they charge ( subscription ) for using the images. How can they do this if they are not copyright holders? If they are how could they have obtained it? If they do not hold the copyright will there be any restrictions on using the images?

I have used Scran as an example but there will be many other sites with images which are ( or have been ) out of copyright. What are the rules?


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Post by CopyrightAid »

I guessing....

But as you say it is a subscription, perhap what you are paying for is the convenience of having all these images available in one easily searched place. I would imagine that obtaining the images and creating the system to manage this, plus web-hosting, etc. is all a considerable cost. They have to pay the bills somehow....

Also, can I pick you up on a point - are you saying that the photographer died 70+ years ago? - So these would be scanned and restored copies of the very poor quality black and white original prints then - we are after all taking about photos from the late 1800's or early 1900's ?

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