Obtaining & Using Non-Commercial Uploaded Footage

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Obtaining & Using Non-Commercial Uploaded Footage

Post by Xom3 »

What are the rules in obtaining and re-publishing video footage as uploaded by the public?

For example, let's say one was to download non-commercial homemade material from a video sharing website and use that footage in a film.

It seems 'intellectual property rights' may automatically stamp some form of 'copyrighted' on anything created and published these days, but what are the realities in this area?

Footage from the likes of YouTube is routinely displayed in commercial productions such as TV shows, short films and feature films - and in many cases it would seem doubtful with the permission of the creator/uploader [who may or may not object].

The project in mind is a non-profit making 'reality film/documentary', for display to anyone who may be interested in seeing it.

Thank you in advance for any insight and information in this area.
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Post by CopyrightAid »

Ultimately it is down to the copyright owner (i.e. the creator/director of the film footage) to decide how/if/where they wish their work to be used.

If in doubt, contact the copyright owner.
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