A call to petition Parliament over Ipec delays and errors.

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A call to petition Parliament over Ipec delays and errors.

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Hi Everyone,

Much like many of you who wrote about their dealings with the small claims track office, I too am beyond frustrated!

Following a meeting with our MP this week, our mission is to now lobby for a parliamentary debate. Five years ago we tried to hold the IPEC to account, which went all the way to the Ombudsman. They promised big changes, but in true civil service mode, little has been done, and whilst they are now transferring all cases to Manchester, it seems all the more vague and uncertain for everybody.

The single most important factor for us litigants in person, is to have access to online filling. That's, being able to submit our N1 claim forms and fees online, and be able to follow the progress of that claim online.
So many mixed messages are circulated by ipec, and we still do not know if the current changes do actually include litigants in person to access e-filling.

It's all rather dysfunctional. Whilst the small claims track system was set up for Joeblogs, it remains one sided, allowing law firms only to do e-filling!

So, my quest is to get as many photographers as I can to join us and lobby for a parliamentary debate. This is what our MP suggested as the more effective approach.
Photographers are naturally afraid to stick their heads out for fear of reprisals, but if we were to unite this could be a force for change. The profession is quite literally dying. The vast majority of images on the internet are stolen, and now Ai is taking over.

If we can at least challenge people swiftly in court and retrieve losses, this would be something. Please join me by spreading the word and getting the whole profession talking!!

Thanks so much
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