Copyright clearance online for UK school

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Copyright clearance online for UK school

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I have just found and browsed your excellent forum. I searched for the answer to the following question without success:

Is there a way to get blanket copyright clearance for a school that creates videos and other works based on commercial music?

Detail: I have a friend that asked me if I knew the answer to the above. No! He is working with a school in the UK that increasingly lets students create videos that feature music. They are trying where possible to encourage them to use original works from other students, but that is not always attractive to them. :-) So they currently tolerate the usage of commercial works but only for personal use i.e. not for distribution in any form. This isn't really satisfactory and they want to find a way to cover themselves if possible with some form of blanket license that ideally gives them permission to show these videos online (most of the kids use YouTube anyway without seeking permission).

Where does he begin to address this? How does he keep the school legal? How does he find a way to engage with the industry to both showcase the student's talents AND teach kids about the copyright framework in the UK and elsewhere?

Many thanks

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