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If you are worried about infringement or your work has been copied and you want to take action.
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Picrights UK

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As a new member here - and publisher for the past 32 years - for the first time ever, I have been accused by PicRights of infringing PA Images copyright on an image.

Firstly, the image in question was used on my website, and although I did check as much as possible that it was not copyrighted and in the public domain, it transpires that it is owned by PA Images. No excuses my end - I've used a copyrighted image without a licence and hold my hands-up.

My issue is this. Looking on the PA website, I am able to purchase a lifetime licence of the image for £35 standard, and £50 enhanced for print usage, so I'm struggling to understand why PicRights are asking for £450. I was always advised legally by our solicitors that if on the rare occasion an infringement of copyright occurred whereby I have inadvertently used a copyrighted image without a licence - which has never happened BTW - provided the correct fee was paid to the agency/photographer, ensuring that they were not financially disadvantaged, then that is all that is expected of me.

Is this still the case, or have I missed something as what PicRights are asking for is bordering extortion!
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Re: Picrights UK

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Hi FX Len

If you take a look at some of the other threads here involving not just PicRights but the other companies who operate the same sort of operation, you will see that you are right and any damages should be directly related to what the copyright owner has lost because the correct licence was not obtained at the outset. The inflated demand you have received is because PicRights want to make a fat profit out of the deal. You are not obliged to help them with with this aspiration.
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