Finding an author/editor of a defunct magazine

Tracing copyright owners and asking permission.
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Finding an author/editor of a defunct magazine

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Hi. I am trying to trace an author of an article from 1979. Jonathan Sale was editor of PUNCH and I want to ask about re-using said article. Anybody got any advice please?
Thank you.
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Re: Finding an author/editor of a defunct magazine

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Hi OFP and welcome to the forum.

Jonathan sale was formerly the features editor of Punch magazine. Do you think he was the author of the article you are interested or do you want to contact him because you think he was the main eidtor? Either way, I suggest you do so through his publishers Biteback.

That having been said, the copyright in the article will probably belong to the original publishers of Punch magazine, not the author, due to section 11(2) of the Copyright Designs and Patents Act 1988.

When the original Punch folded in 1992, parts of it were sold off. The title and goodwill was bought by Mohamed al Fayed but much of the archive was acquired by the British Library, while licensing of its old cartoons is carried out by which is owned and operated by a picture agency named Topham Partners LLP (trading as TopFoto). As far as I am aware they have no rights over any of the articles. Your best bet for the articles would be to contact the British Library.
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