Using images of work done for previous employers on websites

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Using images of work done for previous employers on websites

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My friend is an architect who has been carrying out some private work from home. Recently we set up a website to try and get some extra work in. I also have a design background, and have just been made redundant from an architectural and interior design practice where I did lots of SketchUp modelling. We thought we'd also include a 3d visualisation page on our website, and included a couple of visuals I had done for my previous employer to show an example of what we can offer. (No names of clients or the projects they were for were mentioned on our site).

Recently we received an e-mail from my previous company stating that these images be removed immediately as the copyright for these are owned by the respective clients of my employer. I just wanted to clarify if this was the case and we should remove the images.

I'd also like to mention that my previous employer made me redundant 3 months ago and still owes me two months wages plus my redundancy money. So, as well as not paying me they are now preventing me from trying to get some work elsewhere.

Any help would be much appreciated.
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Unless you have an agreement to the contary, copyright to work that is carried out during the course of emplyment will belong to the employer.

They state that the copyright resides with the clinet - this is possible, it is quite common for a design company to transfer copyright to the client upon full payment.

I were you, I would remove their work from your website now before they take matters further.

The matter of the unpaid wages is unfortunate, but is a separate matter (you cannot justify one crime as repayment for another). I wish you every luck in recovering the money owed to you, and I would suggest that you speak to your local Citizens Advice Bureau for advice on how to pursue that matter.
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