Am I breaking Copyright?

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Am I breaking Copyright?

Post by onebigcog »

Let's supose ...
An author writes a book which is also illustrated and then published, copyrighted and in the public domain.
If I were to make a Model of the some of the contents of the book and exhibit the models at a non-profit making public exhibition would I be breaking copyright ?

I feel this would only be to serve to promote the original book(s) and is not being used for my own monitary gain.

Am I breaking Copyright ?

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Post by CopyrightAid »

Just to clarify 'Public Domain' as a copyright term normally means that the author died over 70 years ago - after that time a work is said to fall into the public domain (i.e. copyright expires and it is then available to all).

Assuming that copyright has not expired, I have to recommend that you seek permissionas what you are producing would most probably be classed as a 'derivative work' (i.e. it is based on an existing work).

As you state that there is no profit the risks are lower - i.e. there is little benefit in taking action against you, but as the moderator of a forum that supports copyright owners, I have to recommend that you seek permission.
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