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car manufacture logos

Post by a2lt16v »

I have made a website that sells chrome bolt kits to replace the existing ones on the covers on the engines.

I have added each manufactures logo to each section so for example you click the vauxhall logo and your presented with all the kits that suit various vauxhall engines.

am i doing anything illegal by using their logos

and would it be qise to say that the kits are aftermarket replacement so it doesnt look like i am selling genuine parts from the manufactures
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Post by AndyJ »

Since no-one has answered this, I'll give it a try. Logos can be both copyright (as artistic works) and trade marks. In general companies such as car manufacturers will guard their trade marks well and ensure they re-register them every 10 years. This gives them a lot of protection when it comes to disputes, and if there was to be any come-back on you, this is the route I suspect they would follow. They could argue that by using their trade mark the public could be led to believe that you were selling geniune parts from the maker concerned. Trade mark infringement is a criminal offence, so the penalties are much greater than for the type of copyright infringement that you might be committing, which would not be a criminal matter.
But either way, using the logos without permission could lay you open to civil action, although I think the most likely first course of action would be a cease and desist letter from the company's lawyers.
It would be sensible to get permission to use the logos.
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