microsoft excel ?

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microsoft excel ?

Post by coltheplumb »

Hi all :) well i hope someone can answer this one goes, i have designed/developed a student progression tracking system( database) using microsoft exel, so although my idea is original (as in no one else has done it ) can i copyright that particular thing even though it can only be used in excel? or can i not as the system i used to create it is allready microsoft excel and there fore would allready be protected in it's own right ?? Really hope someone can come up with an answer :? :? Cheers Colin x
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Post by Warlock »

Yes. Your actual work - i.e. the actual code, content, etc. that you have created is your work and is subject to copyright (YOU own the copyright to what YOU created).

Excel is a tool - think of it this way - a writer still owns copyright to the work they create if they use a typewriter. Or perhaps a better example would be a X-box or Wii etc. just because a games console is needed to play the game doesn't stop the game itself being subject to copyright.
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