T-Shirt Printing

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T-Shirt Printing

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If I were to download an image from the internet of a famous sportsperson and had it printed onto a t-shirt (to wear myself - not for selling) would I be breaking copyright law ? and if so would the same still apply if I "bought" an electronic copy of the image online ?
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Frankly, as long as it was only for yourself you are very unlikely to have a problem from the copyright owner (even if they know, it is hardly worth taking action against you) - although any reputable printing service will refuse you when they realise that the the image is being reproduced without permission.

The correct way to approach this is to contact the copyright owner of the image and get their permission to get the t-shirt printed.

I should also mention (in case the temptation strikes anyone reading this) that reproducing the shirts for commercial resale without permission would pretty much guarantee legal action if discovered.
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