reading out a poem in a film

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reading out a poem in a film

Post by morphymuse »

We have made a short film for a breast cancer fundraiser and are thinking to screen it publicly for non-profit purposes.
In the film, we read out a short poem by a US poetess (less than 100 words).
We have not contacted the poet about the use of her poem, but as the film is only 3mins long and it is not for commercial purposes.
Does anyone know if there would a problem in screening it at say a film festival?
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Post by Warlock »

So I guess that would be an unauthorised reproduction and public performance of her work then...
- The only safe option is to get permission to use her work.

It sounds like your film is for a good cause - if you had asked for permission up front, there is a good chance she would have agreed. I suggest you ask her now.

How would you feel if it was your poem?
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