Solutions manuals for exam papers

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Solutions manuals for exam papers

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I am a maths tutor and I want to publish a solutions manual for maths exam papers. The questions themselves are copyright of the exam boards. I would not be repeating the original questions, I would only reference them as question number 1 such and such a board Summer 2008 etc. I would then print my own solution. The solution may require drawing a diagram such as a triangle which appeared in the original question. Would any of this constitute copyright infringement?, would this be considered as a derivative work?

A separate question is, is it legal to publish exam papers that are similar in nature to existing exams i.e. containing questions of similar complexity testing the same concepts? I assume that it must be ok, because many such books are on sale in the shops, but am interested to know what legal argument allows this.

I am also interested in providing solutions manuals for United States exams, and have seen similar solutions manuals for sale on amazon. I spoke with a copyright officer at the Library of Congress, who told me that it is ok to publish such solutions manuals. Can anyone confirm that this is the case under United States law, and is UK law similar?

Finally can anyone recommend any good introductory books or sources on ipr and copyright law, so that I can begin the journey of understanding this minefield?

Thanks for your help.
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