Using a photograph as anatomy refference. Help please.

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Using a photograph as anatomy refference. Help please.

Post by djsneeze »

I have applied to an arts course and have to present figure art so I can get in.

I've found a few nude photographs on deviant art that are not stock images which I drew for practice but kept in my drawer as sketches, not posting them anywhere.

Out of these photos I would like to post online 2 or 3 for my college portfolio.

The photographer states that he does not allow use of his work in drawings/paintings/sculptures without being paid.

My question is as follows: Would it be illegal to use his photos as anatomy reference if these are made for education and research and NOT commercial in any way ?

Thank you !
six gun
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Post by six gun »

You are copying the material.
The owner prohibits this.

You are then posting it online.

Having read a number of threads here, the answer is you do not have permission, indeed it has been refused so you should not be posting online.

Your post was in January 2010.
What did you do?
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