Using a company logo on my CV

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Using a company logo on my CV

Post by xxx123 »

Is it legal to use a company logo on a CV? The idea is to visually enhance my CV by using company logos next to the names of companies I've worked for under 'work history' but would this be copyright infringement?

[Tesco's logo]
Tesco 04/07/2001 to 12/12/2006

Say I had permission from the company in question, would it be legal to use their logo then but not without, or is it not OK either way?

Does it make a legal difference if I don't publish my CV online but email it to the potential recruiter?

Looking forward to a reply.
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Post by AndyJ »

Technically yes it might infringe copyright to use a company's logo, and so it is worth seeking permission, because companies are used to this kind of use and generally won't object. It is part of their branding policy.
This only affects the copyright in the artwork, and is not a trademark issue.
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