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in northern ireland there is the girls brigade organisation.there are approx 15/20 companies in each division. my co presently does a lot of the uniform direct for each company.the hq of the organisation is now going to register the crest as they want each company to purchase through them.
my question is-i am supplying directly to the companies who are basically representatives of the organisation-so am i breaking any law.
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It is common for organisations to control who produces their official uniforms - schools are a classic example of this.

If you produce uniforms and are have not been authorised to do so, you should not be too surprised if they file a legal complaint against you; they may ask you to pay damages in respect of their lost revenue, royalties for your use of the official emblems, and legals costs.

As to whether the individual 'companies' have the authority to authorise your activities; this is a matter they need to discus with the HQ themselves. Clearly if they can, you have no problem - but I would suggest get something in writing to that effect.
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