DVD Copyright

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DVD Copyright

Post by Flyingpig »

Hi All,

First post here so excuse me if any of this has been covered before I had a good look but couldn't find any.

I have a strange question for you so hopefully someone out there can help.

Part one!
I work for a DVD/TV repair company and we get TV's & DVD's from customers that we fix. Some of these have DVD's stuck in them hence why they come to us. We currently use these discs as the test disc to ensure the picture quality and sound is ok.

Part two!
Some of the discs we get in are pirate copies that have got stuck in the DVD drives. Currently we return these discs to the customer as they are their property.

My question is are both of these ok or are we leaving ourselves at risk?

Many thanks in advance

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Post by AndyJ »

Hi Flying Pig,
I don't think there is any problem with you returning the DVDs to their owners. While I'm sure you can easily tell the counterfeit disks from real ones, you don't know the circumstances in which the owner acquired them so you can't really be sure if they are illegal copies, or merely backup copies made from a legitimate DVD which is also owned by the customer. Whilst making a backup copy is technically illegal where music and films are concerned, it is legal with software. Yet commonsense says it is the disks for movies and albums which are most likely to get damaged through repeated use and careless handling, and thus most in need of backup copies. It's just another example of where the current legislation has yet to catch up with the technology of today.
If you go reporting your customers to trading standards, you may end up losing customers! The person hasn't committed a criminal act and technically speaking the only person who can take action in a civil case would be the copyright owner. It could cost a lot in transatlantic phone calls to the Hollywood studios!
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