Ask for copyright notice, removal of images, or payment?

If you are worried about infringement or your work has been copied and you want to take action.
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Ask for copyright notice, removal of images, or payment?

Post by JC »

Good morning all!

I setup a website for a client a little while back and took some photos myself for use on the site. I have since stopped creating sites for people and another firm is now looking after the site I designed. Virtually no changes have been made to layout of the site, and my design and the photos I took are still being used.

Do I have a right to ask for a copyright notice to be used stating that the images are mine, or can I ask for them to be removed or for payment to transfer image copyright? What are my options?

I don't want to kick up a shi*storm for anyone, but I do want continued recognition for my work.

All replies are welcome.

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Post by AndyJ »

Hi JC,
You have the right to credited as the author of your photographs and this can be asserted at any time. You should do it in writing just for the sake of having a record, although legally speaking a verbal assertion will do. Ask for the credit to be in the form "© Image copyright J???? C???? 20??" obviously changing the details as required.
As for asking for payment or other demands over the usage, this is more tricky, since it will depend on the agreement you made with the client at the time you took on the work of building the site. If it was agreed or implied that your fee included the provision of the images, then demanding a payment now, or that the images are removed now, would probably be seen as unacceptable because the client is using them in good faith based on that original agreement. However if the client somehow changes the site such that your images are treated in a derogatory way, that could be grounds for asking for their removal.
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